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Report via Web

Add your Contacts, DCR for MRs, DCR for Managers, Auto MCL creation, Follow up & Tour plans with Integrated CRM functionalities & timely reporting

Report via Mobile

Report Daily Call Report via Mobile/ PDA from the spot of visit! Make MRs visits and followups more efficient. Also schedule a joint work with ASM and RSM.

Track MRs on Maps

India's first "MR Geo Fencing" capability. Now you can track and make your MRs/ PSEs submit their DCR from the doctor / Hospital location

Medismo™ Online MR Reporting Software + Mobile Reporting

A 'Medical Representative' (MR) plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. A MR represent the company to the customer at the same time MR is responsible for upholding your company's image. To the customer they are the company! MRs - Medical Representative are the lens through which customers see a pharma company. On behalf of the company, they visits a wide range of people and organizations like pharmacists, chemists, doctors, nursing homes, dialysis units, blood banks and hospitals. MR's job may involve extensive travelling to small towns and villages. In short, a MR's physical presence within the company is limited. Medismo's Pharma CRM software & MR Reporting and Sales Force Automation(SFA) bring accountability to MRs work on a day to day basis.

MR Reporting Software helps Pharma Companies to Plan, Track & Measure their Sales Territory performance via Mobile & Web Interface. Medismo SFA is a Practical Solution for Sales Reps & Sales Managers. MR Reporting Online will bring more discipline to your sales team within 7 days of implementation!

Medismo's MR Reporting Online introduces the MR Sales Rep Management System via Online anytime anywhere software and Mobile platform. MR Management System will enhance the performance of the MR - Medical Representatives to a great extend. MR Management System comes as a boon for the Manager as all reports in his territory are collated and presented to him in a visual dashboard with charts and trend lines. The manager has the facility to monitor the MR's activity on an hourly basis, if he wishes to. Therefore, continuous tracking of the MR is possible by the manager irrespective of the geographical whereabouts of the MR during hours of work. Also, Sales targets and instructions are assigned to the MRs from HO. These targets and instructions instantly reach the MR's mobile or laptop even when he is operating at any remote location.


The MR plays a vital role in gathering information about the competitive products in the market. MR Management System adds value to the MR - Medical Representative performance by aiding him to instantly update information about the market trends. The information could be about competitive products released in the market. Such instant information could be very valuable for the company. Thereby, a responsible role is given to the Medical Rep which would boost their enthusiasm and performance


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